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Lille continues to fall after last year's championship. Jocelyn Gourvennec's team suffered its third defeat this season and the second in a row in Ligue 1. Lille also lost to: Nice with a score of 0-4; Lorient with a score of 1-2; Lance with a score of 1-0. The northern derby started quite peacefully. Almost zero threat at both gates: the guests beat Burak from the middle distance. Sotoca once scored from a good position after a corner. But none of these strikes was aimed. If you want to try bet in Nigeria 1xBet on the following games of Lille, create an account and have fun. Fans decided to dilute the boredom on the football field by arranging a fight at the end of the half. As a result, leaving the break was delayed for 20 minutes. It is good that this time the game in the French Ligue 1 was not postponed. Yilmaz had two chances to bring his team forward, but the Turkish veteran no longer shows such an abnormal implementation this season. Note that you may try bet 1xBet in Nigeria on the individual footballers of Lille after you create a profile.

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In the second situation, Ikone was on the finish line, but Leca was incredible that day. But Lance took full advantage of his chance. Lille suicidal raised the line of defence high and the hosts punished them for it. At first, Celik made a positional mistake, Fonte went to insure, but flew past the ball. As a result, Frankovsky went alone with Grbic and scored in the far corner – 1-0. By the way, you may join best betting site live streaming 1xBet and watch the future matches of Lance online there. Lance remains the fifth team in the French championship, which has not yet experienced the bitterness of defeat this season. Lance at least temporarily climbed to the second step. Lille in the company of Monaco and Rennais are stuck in the second half of the table. You may try the best betting site 1xBet live streaming and watch matches of the French tournament online.

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Note that this is not the first such case when fans broke into the field in France this season. The match of the 3rd round of Ligue 1 Nice - Marseille was not finished due to the riots that the fans started. At the end of the match, with a score of 1-0 in favour of Nice, the hosts' fans started throwing bottles. One of them hit the guest midfielder Dimitri Payet. The Frenchman threw her back, after which riots broke out. By the way, you may play 1xBet online casino while you are waiting for the forthcoming games that will take place in France. One of the fans hit the guest midfielder Dimitri Payet. The Frenchman threw him back, after which riots broke out. The fans ran out onto the field, having staged a fight with the opponents. The referee stopped the meeting and sent the players to the sub-stand. The referee intended to resume the game, but the Marseille players refused to enter the field. The meeting will be replayed and two points were removed from Nice. Let loose at the online casino 1xBet while you are looking forward to that match.