SMS Junk Privacy Policy

SMS Junk is an App Store approved iOS application for the iTunes App Store. It detects and filters spam and junk messages from your incoming SMS and MMS messages.


Text and content from known senders in your Contacts list is never available to SMS Junk. When you choose to install and use SMS Junk on your device, the app only accesses messages you receive from senders that are not in your Contacts.

These messages may include verification codes from banks or other institutions, as well as other personal or sensitive information that may be in SMS and MMS messages. After you have responded to a SMS or MMS message three times or have added the sender to your Contacts, SMS and MMS messages from that sender will no longer be availabe to SMS Junk.


We do not collect any information of the user.

There is no signup process. We will never ask for your email for using SMS Junk.

Emails we receive as part of user feedback are not shared with any third parties.


We may log your IP address in the server logs. We do not store IP addresses in our databases.

All communication with our servers requires HTTPS.

As part of filtering your messages, sender phone number and message content is processed in-device. We do not retain this data anywhere. Your data is never transmitted outside the device.

Your message contents are never transferred to a 3rd party. This app does not sync user data to a server or cloud.

Effective Date: 12 Sep 2017

SMS Junk