SMS Junk

SMS Junk

AI powered Spam Filtering for SMS, MMS

Launching 2018

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Stop all unwanted, unsolicited SMS and MMS messages on your iPhone. Say goodbye to annoying notifications!

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SMS Junk detects spam, phishing and unwanted SMS messages and moves junk messages to the SMS Junk folder in iMessage.

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AI powered

Use our in-device AI to detect and identify spam messages. Our technology stack includes tensorflow, Appleā€™s CoreML and IdentityLookup frameworks.

AI powered

Our machine learning models have been extensively trained with datasets of hundreds of thousands of messages across carriers from many countries. We are constantly training for only one thing - fast and accurate filtering.


We have brought our experience and tech from making enterprise grade content blocking apps(Just Content, BlockParty). Our block list protects you from phishing, malware, scam, fake news web links in messages from unknown senders.


Keep a blocklist of annoying phone numbers. Or allow messages from numbers you trust and recognize by adding them to your whitelist. You have full control over the filtering experience.


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