Blackwater Park Studios

Blackwater Park Studios

Founded in 2014, we are a mobile app development company based out of Chennai, India. We have been developing cutting edge solutions for consumers and enterprise users in security and health spaces. Design and technology come together at Blackwater Park Studios in making the fittest product for a market.

Our apps have been featured on the App Store, Press and have been downloaded by thousands of users across USA, Canada, Germany, UK, India and many other regions.


Sivalinga Prasad

Sivalinga Prasad, based out of Chennai, has been a veteran of the finance and management industry in India for the last 35 years. He has held sales and accounting positions in the State Government of Tamil Nadu and managed numerous business firms to great success.

Since 2014, he has brought his industry expertise to the digital revolution happening in India as President of Blackwater Park Studios. Mobile development, customer relationship, security and healthcare are the major focuses of Siva and his team.

Technology Team

Krishna Kumar Y

Krishna Kumar is the Lead Technology Developer at Blackwater Park Studios. His academic credentials as a computer science major postgrad have served the company well to explore cutting edge technologies and develop market-fit products ready for the next decade of computing.

He is an expert mobile developer and has been a long time consultant with Blackwater Park Studios. He launched the company’s mobile products including Just Content and Health Stickers. He is now leading our company’s latest AI initiative - Next Big AI. A developer platform and marketplace for machine learning models and AI services.

Suraj K M

Suraj is the Lead Designer at Blackwater Park Studios. An accomplished 3D artist with expertise in animation for augmented reality and virtual reality.

Suraj is fairly new to the industry. His technology skillsets include but are not limited to Unity and Unreal development, C# programming, Blender, Maya authoring.